Ventura Rug Repair and Rug Cleaning

We have over 45 years of extensive experience in providing skilled rug repair, rug restoration, rug cleaning, and all kinds of rug maintenance. A beautiful rug is one of the best investments you can make for your home. If you choose a high quality oriental rug, persian rug, antique rug, or other rug that is made with high quality fabric by a skilled manufacturer, it’s very important to take care of it. With periodic maintenance, a high quality rug can last you for your entire life, and can be passed down for generations. Most rugs that we see are woven using a combination of wool, silk, or cotton. The exact combination of fabrics depends on the style of the rug and the manufacturer. A rug can withstand a lot of wear and tear, but if the rug is neglected repair and restoration may be more challenging and expensive.

Our Rug Repair Services

We can fix, mend, reweave, and restore rug damage from very light unraveling to severe rips and tears. We understand you have invested in your rug, and many customers have sentimental value in their rugs as well. We approach each rug repair and rug restoration very carefully to ensure that the rug is restored to like-new condition without compromising the integrity of its fabrics, dyes, or construction. If your rug needs restoration, we can provide the following maintenance:

  • Carefully rebuild damaged or missing warp. The warp provides the main structure of the rug. The fringed edges of the rug are pieces of the warp which have not been woven in with the weft, woof, or filler.
  • Reknot the rug pile. The pile is created when the separate yarns used to build the rug are knotted together. These knots can loosen over time and compromise the structure of the rug. We can skillfully reknot the pile to strengthen and reform the rug.
  • Recreate missing or damaged motifs.
  • Weaving weft, woof, or filler. This is the thread or yarn which is drawn through the warp yarns to create the cloth.
  • Weaving warp. The rug warp is the structural threads the weft, woof, or filler is drawn through to create the fabric.
  • Binding selvag to prevent the edges from fraying. The selvag is a woven band which is placed around the edges of the rug. Sometimes a simpler over-case stitching is used instead of a selvag.
  • Binding, rebuilding, and restoration of fringes to prevent unraveling. The fringe is the exposed edges of the warp fabric, and these can be delicate and unravel. We can restore the fringe if it becomes damaged or unravels.
  • Repairing and restoring areas of the rug which have holes, tears, or serious damage. We can skillfully reweave this kind of damage and match the original fabric and dyes to create a seamless restoration.
  • Color matching faded rugs. Parts of the rug which have been exposed to light, heat, or other factors can color fade over time. We are skilled in matching the fabrics and colors of your rug to create an unnoticeable mend and restore the rugs original brilliance.
  • Stain, spot, oil and odor removal. We can remove residue and blemishes resulting from foods, oils, dirts, debris, smoke, pets, and most other natural and artificial materials.
  • Skillfully reweave corners damaged by pets, vacuums, furniture, or excessive foot traffic.
  • General touch ups and restoration of worn areas and features.

Ventura Oriental Rug Cleaning and Persian Rug Cleaning

We use a natural, organic cleaning procedure to remove all dust, dirt, debris, oil, and stains from your prized rug. Our rug cleaning process is as follows:

  • Dust all rugs before cleaning. Dusting helps to soften the rug pile, and removing the dust will ensure that the rug doesn’t irritate allergies.
  • Wash the rug with cold water, organic hair shampoo, and brush the rug by hand. This softens the fabric.
  • Dry the rug using natural sunlight. This is the best way to dry the rug and prevents it from shrinking or warping.

We Love Caring For Rugs

We gently care for your special rug and work to carefully preserve the rug. When our maintenance is finished the rug is clean, brilliant, and soft. It is recommended that oriental rugs, persian rugs, and tapestries be washed professionally every one to three years. These rugs are often made from sensitive fabrics of wool and silk which requires special cleaning and care to avoid damaging or warping the fabric. We specialize in original antique persian rugs and our professional weavers hand repair antique, museum quality, and original persian wool and silk rugs.

Free Rug Inspections

We provide free detailed inspections as well as free pickup and delivery services. We’re the best resource available in Ventura for rug cleaning and rug maintenance. We’re passionate about our work and would love to care for your rug. Contact us for more information about our rug cleaning and rug repair service, to discuss your rug, and to schedule a free inspection.